Understand Why Evergreens Die From the Bottom

Understand Why Evergreens Die From the Bottom
on March 10, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Health Warnings

Trees are known for qualities like, moderating the climate, holding soil, giving shelter to the wild and also spreading soothing and cooling shadows. With trees it is very difficult to understand and spot defects. It is important to have a discerning eye towards your evergreens, to be able to diagnose problems and act towards them at early stages.

Evergreen trees are known for their quality of being perennial. Trees like, Bruce Pine, Jack Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Tsuga Heterophylla are a few famous ones.

Untrained individuals have a hard time recognizing tree defects, until and unless the tree starts showing very noticeable and prominent differences. Identifying tree issues at an early stage can avoid alarming situations. It will also help extend the life span of your favourite evergreen. Tree service in Charlotte NC with experienced and educated arborists can make this job easier for you.

Inadequate Water

Trees that suffer the draught turn yellowish-green and gradually light brown. This process usually stars from the top and reaches the bottom at a later stage. Draught affected environments take a toss on the tree as there is no water supply. Inadequate hydration leads to the bottom needles to dry out first and fall off with an aim to hydrate rest of the tree.

This is one of the major reasons why evergreen trees begin to die from the bottom.

Lack of Sunlight

Trees love the sun. This means if the lower branches of a tree are blocked from sunlight & might not survive. Needles and leaves at the bottom, deprived of sunlight will shed first.

Disease or Pest

A few common pests usually feast on evergreen trees. Pests like pine beetle, cyospora canker disease attack the tree from inside out.

Easy tips that help spot a disease on evergreen trees is to look for anything ranging from large cankers leaking white sap to wearing and falling of the needles on inner branches.
If you spot something else that seems a question of worry. Do not delay, getting in touch with an arborist to make sure to diagnose and cure an evergreen issue without wasting anytime.

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