Tree Pruning and Trimming According to ANSI Standards

Tree Trimming Charlotte NC

Tree Trimming & Pruning Charlotte NC

It’s imperative to prune and trim the trees that exist within the urban and suburban environment for a variety of reasons.

If you are going to have your trees pruned and trimmed, please make sure that company that prune and trim according to ANSI standards and that there is some understanding of tree biology and physiology.

Crown cleaning – Our pruning and tree trimming technicians will remove dead, diseased, damaged, overcrowded and weakly attached branches from the crown of a tree, including the stubs from fallen branches.

Crown thinning – Our technicians will selectively remove living branches and new growth to maximize light penetration and air flow through the crown of the tree. This procedure reduces the weight on heavy branches, decreases wind resistance, and helps preserve the tree’s natural shape.

Crown raising – We will remove the lower branches from a tree to provide needed clearance for structures, vehicles, pedestrians or for aesthetic value.

Crown reduction – Our tree pruning and trimming technicians will reduce the size of a tree crown to maintain its natural shape, decrease the likelihood of failure, or to prevent or eliminate encroachment on existing structures/ objects.

Tree trimming and pruning in Charlotte NC

Crown restoration – We will selectively prune branches to restore an appropriate form to a tree, restoring the species’ natural shape.
Tree Trimming Charlotte NC, Tree Pruning Charlotte NC

Formative pruning – We typically perform this procedure on young or semi-mature trees. To improve the structural strength of young trees, we will remove or reduce newly grown stems, competing leaders (large trunk-like sections), and crossing or weak branches.

Sanitation pruning – Our pruning and trimming technicians will remove only branches that are infected with fungi or disease.

Corrective pruning – Our tree pruning and trimming technicians will repair various damages caused by previous pruning work, which has resulted in incorrect cuts or stubs that have not healed through the growth of callus (wound wood).

Please Call 704-366-1134 or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on-line with an AAA TREE EXPERTS Arborist. We will do a complete inspection to determine if a course of action is required. A consultation with our arborist is FREE OF CHARGE.

Have Your Trees Overgrown the Space you Have?


Many trees experience accelerated growth and develop heavy, elongated limbs during the summer season. Storms that are expected this fall and winter may increase the risk of limb failure. We can perform reduction tree trimming and pruning – controlling the overall size of a tree or major branches to the extent desired to avoid damaging the tree itself, other trees, or structures around them. As a major benefit, reduction tree trimming and pruning lowers the risk of major breaks during wind or ice storms and helps prevent trees from being uprooted. Now is the time to schedule fall and winter pruning to avoid damage to your trees or property.

Benefits of Tree Trimming in Charlotte NC in the Fall and Winter

Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Charlotte NC

You probably think that when trees have lost their leaves, they’re “sleeping” for the winter and you CAN’T prune them during the dormant season. In fact, your trees are still active on the inside and will continue to grow new roots during cold months, making it a prime time for pruning, with these benefits:

When your trees lose their leaves, our arborists can better identify damaged, dying, or dead branches without leaves in the way. We can also get a better picture of the structure of your tree’s canopy in order to make a plan to restructure it, which is especially important for trees that are outgrowing their space.

When there are no leaves to use up energy, your tree will use that energy to heal pruning cuts. There is also less of a chance your tree will be infected after pruning simply because there are less pests, bacterial and fungal diseases in the fall/winter months.

Another benefit is to have overgrown branches removed before an ice storm this winter as to avoid damage to your tree or property.

If you are interested in a winter tree trimming and pruning service, contact AAA Tree Experts to schedule an appointment or request a complimentary consultation with our arborists.



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