Trunk Injection / Trunk Inoculation

Trunk Injection / Trunk Inoculation

REVOLUTIONARY Plant Health Solution
Promoting, Restoring, and Maintaining Tree Health

Trunk Injection, also known as microinjection, is a very effective and environmentally friendly method for promoting, restoring, and maintaining tree health. Trunk Injections are most commonly prescribed to provide trees with critical and essential nutrients and/or eradicate destructive pests and fungi.

Trunk injection involves inserting a specialized formula into the tree’s xylem (outer layer), where water is transpirationally carried up and throughout the entire tree. This allows the injection to offer a thorough and systemic solution, ensuring that every area of the tree receives the full benefit of the trunk injection.
So be kind to your trees, and give them the nutrients and/or treatments they need to grow strong and flourish.

Please call us for a Consultation if your Trees have these Signs or Symptoms:

Die-back (branches that are bare at the tips/ ends or deadwood)
Decay (often evident by sight, touch, and visible fungus/ mushrooms)
Early leaf drop or color change
Peeling bark
Leaf discoloration/ wilting
Visible signs of insect infestation (eaten leaves, bore holes, actual insects)

Trunk Injection / Trunk Inoculation
Remember. Regular and on-going tree and plant health care is essential to the vigor and beauty of your yard.

Please Call 704-366-1134 or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on-line with an AAA TREE EXPERTS Arborist. We will do a complete inspection to determine if a course of action is required. A consultation with our arborist is FREE OF CHARGE.