Tanglefoot Banding Stops Crawling Insects from Climbing Trees

Tanglefoot Banding Stops Crawling Insects from Climbing Trees
on November 23, 2015 in Pest Management, Tree Care Advice

Tanglefoot is a long-lasting, non-drying, sticky compound effective in protecting your trees against climbing insects (gypsy moths, cankerworms, pecan and root weevils, ant, caterpillars, tussock moths, webworms, black vine weevils and climbing cutworms) without pesticides or harmful chemicals. These insects need to reach the tops of your trees in order to feed, mate and deposit eggs. Tanglefoot is great for trees of all shapes and sizes. We apply a Tanglefoot band around the trunks of shade trees, fruit trees, plants or vines. It creates a barrier that effectively entraps and repels destructive climbing insects. The ingredients in Tanglefoot are non-toxic to insects, humans, pets, and the environment. It is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI Certified) for use in organic gardening. Tanglefoot banding is very unlikely to be damaged by squirrels, dogs, or weather.

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