Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care

Solutions to Solve Tree Health Problems

At AAA TREE EXPERTS, we use the most effective tree health care methods and equipment on the market today. We offer comprehensive programs such as:

Deep Root Soil Treatment
Integrated Pest Management
Mature Tree Maintenance / Health Care
Pruning and Trimming

We offer diverse solutions to solve tree and plant health problems that often arise due to pests, disease, and environmental stresses.

Watch out for these Warning Signs of Tree Damage / Deseases:

1. Excessive amounts of deadwood / dieback
2. Branches and leaves with signs of insect infestation
3. Untimely discoloration of leaves
4. Noticeably small bud development
5. Lack of new growth
6. Root systems or trunks affected by fungal growths (i.e. conks / mushrooms)

Our expert tree health care technicians will evaluate the condition of your trees, shrubs and plants to determine if your soil has the proper levels of micro and macro nutrients, pH balance, and if it has the ability to hold moisture and transport nutrients appropriately. Using up-to-date EPS (Environmental Protection Society) approved products, our technicians will address pesticide problems that damage your trees, shrubs and other plants. These products are non-toxic to beneficial insects that serve good purpose in your garden or landscape.

Planting Trees in the Spring

Tree Planting and Health Care
Trees make your property beautiful, provide shade in summer, wind protection in winter, enhance privacy, and increase real estate value. Planting new trees in the spring can help with their growth throughout the year, and will help them survive the hot summer, which is generally the most stressful time for trees.

Which trees are best suited for your landscape?

TCIA advises to consider the following factors

hardiness (ability of the plant to survive extremes of winter cold and summer heat,
and sudden temperature swings)
mature height and spread (you need to have enough space to plant a tree)
growth rate above and below ground
available space above and below ground
moisture requirements for the life of the tree
maintenance requirements for the life of the tree
availability at local nurseries
ornamental effects, such as branching habit, texture and color of bark, flowers, fruit and foliage

Environmental considerations may include:

disease and insect problems
the prior use of the planting site
soil conditions, such as poor drainage, high or low pH, and soil nutrition
the presence or absence of channelized winds
the location of utilities, both above and below ground
the proximity of the plant to roads, walkways and security lighting

Community ordinances may restrict planting of trees near power lines, parking strips, street lights, sewers, traffic control signs and signals, sidewalks and property lines. Municipalities may require planting permits for trees planted on city property. City codes often require that trees on city property be maintained by the city, so citizens planting an improper selection can cause problems for themselves and the municipality. (according to TCIA)

Recommended Native Species for Our Area. Call us today, our arborist can advise you on which trees and shrubs are best to plant on your property.

Please Call 704-366-1134 or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on-line with an AAA TREE EXPERTS Arborist. We will do a complete inspection to determine if a course of action is required. A consultation with our arborist is FREE OF CHARGE.


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