Tree Removal

Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Charlotte, NC

When is Tree Removal and Cutting Necessary?

This seemingly simple question often creates a wide range of conflicting answers. Trees are valuable assets that cut down on energy costs and provide us with the very air we breath. We at AAA Tree Experts in Charlotte, NC love trees and encourage our clients to keep them when possible as well as plant more of them. However, there are times when they just have to go. Severe decline, structural defects, new construction, and dead trees are some of the reasons that clients need tree removal and tree cutting services. There are generally numerous factors to consider before making this important decision.

Regardless of the specific problem discovered during the evaluation, all tree removal and tree cutting should be executed by licensed and bonded skilled professionals. Our tree removal technicians at AAA Tree Experts in Charlotte, NC follow all standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure the safety and efficiency of every tree removal or tree cutting project.

AAA TREE EXPERTS utilizes up-to-date equipment, experience, and expertise to perform any tree removal in almost any circumstance. The method and equipment used will be determined by the size, condition, and location of the tree selected for removal.

Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Charlotte, NC

Once a tree has been removed, we can employ one of our stump grinders to eliminate the remaining stump quickly and effectively. Otherwise, the stump can be left intact, at your request.

Hollow Trees


Cracks and holes are a sure sign that a tree is starting to hollow out and is a sign of a structural integrity issue. A tree can become hollow from various forms of stress or damage: storm, insect infestation, bacteria or fungi. Older trees have weak branches which can break off easily, making this part of the tree at risk of forming a cavity. Any large wound on your tree usually leads to decay. If the tree is old, unhealthy, leaning, and has a large hollow area, you may need to consider cutting it down. We do not recommend filling the hollow part, it will damage the tree by slowing down the development of included bark – a natural healing process for your tree.

Remember, some trees are prone to hollowing, like silver maples, hackberry or ash. Some trees, like oaks, for example, do a good job of protecting themselves from decay; fungi only rot away the dead wood in the center of the tree and the newer growth is protected by “compartmentalizing” the decay.

A well-maintained tree has a better chance with dealing with stress, making it much less likely to become hollow. Not every tree with hollow areas needs to be removed, if you’re unsure about your tree, ask our arborist for a proper assessment. Tree species, tree health, size of the hollow area, and the location of your tree will play a big role in assessing the risk factor of a tree with internal decay.

Please Call 704-366-1134 or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on-line with an AAA TREE EXPERTS Arborist for all your tree removal or tree cutting needs in Charlotte, NC. We will do a complete evaluation to determine if a course of action is required. A consultation with one of our Charlotte tree removal or tree cutting professionals is FREE OF CHARGE.

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