Make the Right Call – DIY or Pro For Tree Care!

Make the Right Call – DIY or Pro For Tree Care!
on September 19, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Health News, Tree Service

Tree maintenance is not as easy as gardening. It isn’t always as straightforward as it looks. It wouldn’t be wrong to say there are various tree maintenance activities that homeowners can do all by themselves, safely and efficiently. Routine tasks like, mulching mowing, planting can easily be carried out without hiring a professional arborist. However, when it is the question of bigger tasks that involve high-risk activities like tree removal, tree cutting or stump grinding, expert arborists in Charlotte, NC strongly recommend going with specialists who have the right experience, expertise, and tools to deal with such situations.

We present to you compelling reasons that will make you think twice before taking up a specialized tree care undertaking yourself. Our efforts here are drawn towards explaining when, how and why hiring a professional arborist is essential rather than a DIY tree care task.

Professionals Understand Your Tree Better

One cannot be an arborist overnight. There is years of hard work and professional study involved in being one. For example, a simple crack in the tree trunk may not look like a problem to you, but that crack might be associated with a deeper problem & could be very dangerous and ultimately could even kill the tree. Similarly, this phase of the tree can be equally dangerous for people around. Hence, we should let the experts diagnose the problem as they are best suited for the job.

Absolute Tree Knowledge Is Important Before Trimming & Pruning

Like humans, every tree is different from the other. There never is a single reaction. Every tree reacts differently to different forms of pruning. Arborists are the right people who have the ability, to determine the type of pruning that can be suitable for the tree species present in your yard.

In fact, pruning is not just an activity but can be useful in a variety of ways. Trees are not only pruned to make them strong and increase the aesthetic value but also for a better fruit yield & a better canopy.

A Professional Tool Box Is Accurate & Up to Date

Tools required for a perfect tree removal or grinding job are specific and expensive. Professionals understand that use of the right equipment not only makes the task easy but also makes the job damage proof, to a great extent.

To carry out pruning or tree replacement or tree removal tasks, arborists are often equipped with a wide array of equipment like chainsaws, secateurs, chippers, ropes hand saws etc.

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