Spring Cankerworms in Charlotte

Spring Cankerworms in Charlotte
on April 8, 2016 in Pest Management, Tree Care Advice

Spring Cankerworm caterpillars are a huge problem in Charlotte.  Repeated defoliation weakens even the most spectacular trees (not only the ones stressed from drought or transplantation), causing them to use their energy to create a new set of leaves, reducing the tree’s defense against disease. A few seasons of defoliation can cause branch die-back and result in the death of the tree.

At the first sign of Cankerworms on your trees, call AAA Tree Experts for a special spray application that doesn’t harm pollinators or beneficial insects. To be very effective, spraying must be done when the trees are fully leaved and the larvae of Cankerworms are only about half grown. For effective suppression of infestation, trees should be treated by an arborist that has the equipment necessary to reach all the limbs of the tree. Fortunately, the spring Cankerworm caterpillars produce only one generation every year, so ongoing spray treatments are not needed.

An open letter to the Cankerworms of Charlotte.

Picture from USDA Forest Service – Ogden Archive, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org

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