The Most Suitable Treatment for Your Lawn

The Most Suitable Treatment for Your Lawn
on January 17, 2018 in Landscape Services, Lawn Maintenance, Lawncare

Well, we are sure that you’ve been mowing & watering your lawn. We also agree to the fact that you are keeping up with the lawn maintenance schedule too. Then what are the possible reasons that you still notice dead patches of grass? Well, don’t panic. There possibly are various reasons why your well-kept lawn looks dull & out of luster. The primary step towards repair is to identify the reason behind this damage and then go for the lawn treatment that fits your needs. The only way to do this with precision is by hiring an expert from a professional lawn treatment service company in Charlotte.

The two most likely reasons for lawn damage even after careful efforts are insect infestation or lawn disease.
Primarily it’s important to pick up a lawn care formula that is customized & has full potential to deal with sources that keep your lawn from attaining its complete health & aesthetics. Well, there can be a variety of things destroying your lawn, but there are high chances of them falling in either of the two mentioned categories.
(a) Pesky Pests
(b) Lawn Disease

Harmful Insects
Right from armyworms to chinch bugs to white grubs, lawn worms tend to go undetected in the first go and are only noticed to create mayhem on the landscape. Insect infestations are one thing that happens very quickly. But there are alarming signs that we happen to not notice.
In such cases, it is a good practice to hire professional services and turn down the larvae before a full-blown insect army is ready to damage everything.

Lawn Disease
The other side of the story can be completely different. Brown spots or patchy areas in the lawn can be a result of fungus hiding in the roots or crowns of plants in the lawns during the inactive season. Such type of fungus is also known as dollar spot and is normally present in areas that are hit by drought-like conditions. In such situations, the best lawn treatment plan must into inclusive of core aeration service, that allows water to reach deep in the soil, providing essential nourishment.

Keeping your lawn in good shape may look like a backbreaking task, but hiring professional services and maintaining a year-long lawn care calendar can be transformational & effective.

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