Tree care is frequently not just a “one shot one fix” solution

Tree care is frequently not just a “one shot one fix” solution
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Trees need to exist in an environment that is conducive to their well-being.  Arboriculture often consists of practices that are meant to improve the direct environment of trees that exist in urban and suburban environments.  Fertilization and organic amendment can be helpful in many cases, but not in all cases.  If soil is incredibly compacted from foot, mower, vehicle, or other traffic, the liquid solution may not be readily available to the roots.  In cases like these high pressure air should be used to loosen and excavate soil so that roots are able to receive nutrients.

And if there is a root girdling and disrupting the vascular system (as in one of the pics below) clearly liquid amendment is not the only solution to such a problem.

The root zones of trees should be protected during construction projects.   When roots are damaged by construction equipment, the soil should be air excavated and roots should be pruned in an effort to stimulate new growth.

It’s important to seek out tree care companies that apply appropriate practices that attempt to remedy pertinent issues negatively impacting trees.  Sometimes a complete fertilizer is a legit attempt at helping a tree stay or get back on track, but it’s certainly no kind of cure-all for trees in distress.

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