Stop! Think Twice Before You Chop Off the Top of Your Tree.

Stop! Think Twice Before You Chop Off the Top of Your Tree.
on September 14, 2017 in Tree Topping

It’s a great and eye pleasing feeling to have a yard full of lush green and healthy trees. But many a times, when these trees get a bit too tall or when some cranky neighbor complains about the innocent tree blocking their sunlight, home owners take a hap hazard decision of chopping off the tree top. We are sure it’s not done with an intention of putting the tree in danger but is done unknowingly to solve tree related problems.
Certified arborists in Charlotte NC, strive hard to educate home owners about pitfalls of tree topping. Tree topping has the capacity to kill the tree. Instead what’s strongly recommended by them is tree trimming.

To know what’s good and what’s not for tree health, it’s important to get the basics right.
So, let’s begin with understanding,

What is tree topping –

Tree topping basically is an activity, where a top of the tree is cut. It involves reducing top branches & results in weakening the tree with unstable limbs and an appearance that is not natural. Primary reasons for tree topping appear when the tree grows too large posing a risk to life or property. However, the topping is not a workable solution for height reduction or even an option to reduce future risks. In fact, tree topping can add to larger risks in the long term.

Reasons Why Topping Isn’t the Right Option

1. Nutrition Loss –
Topping leads to starvation of the tree. Inappropriate cutting of the tree top reduces food making capacity. Trees need a good amount of leaves to provide nutrition for growth & maintenance purposes. When one decides to chop off the tree top, he indirectly disrupts the major food making capacity that leads to depletion of the tree’s reserves.

2. Stimulation of Unwanted Water Sprout
Topping stimulates the growth of unwanted water sprouts, that look unattractive and drain out nutrition that is required for the main tree. The irony of water sprouts is that they re-grow rigorously. Well! A topped tree with time can return to its original height but will lack in health & strength.

3. Large Wounds
Since topping simply chops off the tree top, this activity potentially hurts the tree by forming larger wounds. The tree takes a long time to get healed from this shock. In the meanwhile, when the wound is open, it is vulnerable and holds a high risk of insect attack and fungal decay. Insect infestation can spread to the trunk, eventually killing the innocent tree.

4. More Hazardous
Topping weakens tree stubs and makes the tree prone to damages from wind & storm. Topped trees easily break, die or decay posing larger hazards to life & property.

5. Topping Defaces the Tree
Ugly branch stubs, wounds, cuts and disfigured branches make the tree lose out on its natural beauty.

This Is How Smartly You Can Substitute Tree Topping
To smartly avoid tough and brutal steps like tree topping, it is best to take good care of newly planted trees, by scheduling and following a timely pruning session to keep the tree and its branches in the best structure, while in the growing stages. Once the tree attains its ideal height, drop-crotching can be an excellent alternative.

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