Avoid Tree Topping: Opt For Tree Trimming

Avoid Tree Topping: Opt For Tree Trimming
on April 27, 2017 in Tree Topping, Tree Trimming

What is tree topping?

Tree topping also is known as hat-racking, heading, rounding over and tipping, is a brutal and inhumane practice of cutting the top of a tree. People practice this when they feel their tree is too big and want to make it smaller, by reducing the height and width.
Topping is for sure not a feasible method of height reduction. It does not reduce future risks of the tree. In fact, topping makes the tree limbs weaker, which may cause more trouble and risk in the long term.
Instead of harming the tree, a better alternative is to go for tree trimming. You can obtain the best tree trimming services in Charlotte, NC. The city has a lot of companies with expert arborists that can give the best suggestions.

How is tree topping harmful for trees?

Tree topping is one of the worst practices for trees. Below are few points that explain in detail, why it is so harmful and should be avoided.

1. Puts stress on the tree

Tree topping procedures can remove about 50 to 100% of the leaf-bearing crown. As we all know leaves are the source of food for trees. Removing them will starve the tree. This reduces chances of activating dormant buds which force accelerated growth of multiple shoots. If the tree lacks in stored energy reserves there are chances of the tree getting seriously weak, and possibly die.
Stressed trees that have large open wounds are more vulnerable to being attacked and infested by insects and diseases.

2. Early decay

When trees are pruned in the correct manner leaving smaller cuts and wounds, the tree easily recovers from it. Tree toppings cut a large and expose a lot of tree tissue. This is when the tree begins to decay at a faster range.

3. Topping increases risk

A survival mechanism of the tree is activated when a sudden shock is given to the tree by tree topping. This results in the production of multiple shoots at a faster rate. Branches developed by buds near the surface are anchored only to the outermost layer of the branch, increasing a risk of limb failure.
In the age where global warming is a high risk, we should not even think about cutting or topping healthy trees. Apart from the above disadvantages, tree topping is very expensive. So cases where the tree really needs to be maintained, instead of tree topping the best alternative is tree trimming.

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