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The process of tree removal doesn’t stop with getting rid of the dead or decayed tree. Once homeowners are done dealing with the tree removal, tree stumps are next on their agenda. Stump removal is estimated to be a tedious, complex and an expensive procedure. This is one of the main reasons why people do not bother with stump removal. People usually try tricks like planting new trees around the stump or simply ignore it. Well! This is feasible for a short period of time. Associated with tree stumps are a number of drawbacks that can be hazardous and inconvenient in the long run.

Below are top 3 reasons that will convince you to take the step forward and get that tree stump in your lawn removed.

#1. Lessens the curb appeal

It is never a typical experience when friends come over and compliment you about the tree stump in your lawn, unless it has been carved by an artist. The basic idea is that tree stumps lessen the curb appeal of your property. It is advisable to get rid of the stump and do something more creative with the space available.

#2. Insect infestation

Unattended tree stumps have higher chances of decaying over a period of time. If these stumps are not taken care of at the earliest, they attract insects. These insects will definitely survive within the dead tree stump. In case the affected stump is close to another healthy tree or a healthy plan, there is a high chance of that tree or plant being attacked by the same infestation. There is also a possibility of these insects damaging and destroying your home or a building if it is close to these structures.
Hence stump removal is better way to control potential damage.

#3. Hazardous

Unattended stumps in the lawn or the backyard can potentially hurt children while they play and run around in the lawn. Pets can also get hurt. Visitors who are not aware of the stump being in the lawn can accidentally hurt themselves.
To avoid these circumstances it is best to get the tree stump removed in time.

As it is said “a stitch in time, saves nine”. It is better to invest a small amount in stump removal rather than taking a risk and end up paying a fortune, when it is too late.

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