3 Reasons to Remove Stumps in Your Yard

3 Reasons to Remove Stumps in Your Yard
on April 23, 2018 in Tree Stump Removal

Often when homeowners come across signs like dead wood, mushrooms growing at the foundation of the tree, cavities in the trunk or poor structure, they make a prompt decision of tree removal. However, once the tree is removed, many homeowners consider their job to be done, and happily neglect the presence of stumps.
Usually, a huge number of homeowners postpone stump removal until it begins to pose a bundle of problems. As experienced arborists in Charlotte NC, we agree that stump removal falls under one of the most difficult and stubborn tree care activity that requires professional assistance.

Spending on stump removal services is worth it, as it spares your yard and garden from a variety of distresses.

Here we go with the top three reasons that make stump removal indispensable.

#1 – Stumps Are Hazardous and Can Cause Accidents

Once the tree is cut down, bottom of the trunk & the root system still remains intact. The presence of such surface-level roots can cause children or anybody to trip and be the cause of an injury. Additionally, stumps in the green zone of your home can also damage the mower, if its run on the stump accidentally.

#2 – High Chances of New Growth

Small trees extract nutrients from other plants located around them. Generally, when the stump is not removed on time, it can contribute to the growth of various new and young sprouts. Along with spoiling the curb appeal of your landscape, dealing with the new growth can turn out to be very expensive, as newer shoots keep coming back until the stump is removed from its roots.

#3 – Stumps Attract Insects

The stump that is highly vulnerable to decay takes a good amount of time to rot away completely. In the meanwhile, the decaying stump attracts various types of insects like, beetles, ants, termites and other insects that are hazardous even to the healthy plants around in the yard.
Not only this, but these insects don’t take a long time to invade even the indoors of your home.

Various Stump Removal Techniques –

The initial step towards stump removal is assessment. Some tree stumps are easy to get rid of, while a few are very difficult and risky. Based on the intensity and urgency level, professional arborists thoroughly assess the stump and decide upon the course of action.

Based on various aspects, tree care professionals choose any one of the following methods to get the job done successfully –

• Shovel Method
• Stump Grinding Method
• Heavy Equipment Technique
• Chemical removal of stumps

As experts in the field, we would like to the conclude this article with a pro tip.
Tip – “Never ignore the presence of stumps in your garden or yard, it can cause a series of problems that can be hazardous and expensive. Like it is often said, “a stitch in time saves nine” is very much applicable when it’s the question of stump removal.”

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