Tree Care Seasonal Tips

Tree Care Seasonal Tips
on August 7, 2018 in Tree Service

Tree Care Seasonal Tips

Season is the chief determining factor for the type of care your tree needs to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. Here are a few specialized tips to deal with tree care season by season.

December to February – Winter Care
  • Prune trees during this dormant season
  • Spray anti-desiccants to prevent moisture loss on evergreen trees
  • For extra care, wrap the young ones and newly planted greens in your garden
  • Get rid of heavy snow from branches
March to May – Spring Care
  • Fertilization is essential to enhance root growth
  • Mulch it up
  • Spray pesticides to prevent the tree from fungal diseases
  • Water for hydration
June to August – Summer Care
  • Summer demand better soil aeration
  • Get the timely pruning session completed
  • Re-mulch the ground if needed
September to November – Fall Care
  • Fertilization is a must
  • Clean and rake up the yard
  • Mulch
  • Water trees to maintain good hydration
  • Prune and trim as a part of pre-winter preparation

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