The Importance of Tree Management around Playgrounds

The Importance of Tree Management around Playgrounds
on November 7, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Service

In a realistic scenario, when a tree falls in the jungle or a forest, damages are not that serious. But when a tree falls in a public place like a playground, the consequences can be disastrous & unpredictable. A playground is a place that is filled with little children playing, teenagers having a great time with their peers and elders walking around for fresh air and health factors. In short, when a fully-grown tree suddenly falls in such a place, there are high chances that the tree might harm life or property severely. Not only that, but we are also aware of the importance of trees to nature & mankind & it is our responsibility to protect & maintain them, especially in neighborhoods & playgrounds.

As one of the most trusted tree service companies in Charlotte, NC we consider tree service and maintenance our responsibility and believe in spreading the word so that this concern is taken seriously. This indeed can be an essential step that can be worked out for various environmental benefits.

Let’s go ahead, focus and understand the essence and importance of tree management around playgrounds, neighborhood & other public places.

Tree Management

Tree management is nothing but tree care management based on the science of tree care. Executing tree management procedures helps keep trees healthy & the surrounding area safe. In fact, tree maintenance activities when carried out on a timely basis, outweigh the costs associated with tree removal or replanting a new tree.

Good practices carried out during tree management are –
• Tree inspection
• Tree Pruning or tree trimming
• Mulching etc.,

Risks & Hazards

The central aspect of tree management is the timely identification of health, risks & dangers. For Example – Overgrown trees are likely to break from weak branches. Chances of root conflicts also are a high probability during such overgrowth. These trees are also more prone to damages during natural disasters.
Hence, it is essential to carry out regular checks and observe your trees. Signing up with a tree care services for tree maintenance & treatment helps keep a close eye regularly on the health of trees around a playground or other public space and can be corrected within time.
A certain variety of trees are more vulnerable to pest attack & certain diseases, which cannot be judged by everyone and requires professional attention and care.

Overall View

Many believe tree maintenance can easily be done without hiring a professional. But trust us, tree care is a science and needs expertise, especially when it is the question of full-grown & mature trees in neighborhood, parks & around playgrounds. The purpose of tree treatment & tree management works towards preserving & enhancing trees within urban areas & making the tree richer with its green canopy.
The best part about hiring tree service & tree management services from a professional tree service company is that these companies operate under policies set by parks departments and municipal policies & bring out the best results.

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