Evaluating the Risk of Trees Falling

Evaluating the Risk of Trees Falling
on July 16, 2018 in Tree Removal, Tree Service

We all know that trees can live a real long time. Statistically speaking, there are a few species of trees that live over 50 years and a few also can go up to 5,000 years. That’s a long lifespan indeed.

Even though trees naturally have a long lifespan, they are bound to deteriorate and go structurally weak at some point in time. However, decisions in terms of tree removal are highly essential to add value and safety to the landscape. Trees are precious for the environment and a lot of them have already been cut down under the tag of development. Hence, when it is the question of tree removal, informed decisions are a must.

To avoid any tree emergency, the best step is to get a tree risk assessment. Many of us keep delaying this activity. Today, we are here to help you understand how tree risk assessment is done and how is it useful.

When reputed and professional tree care services are hired for tree risk assessment –

The qualified and well-trained arborist thoroughly inspects the tree and checks for defects that might be the reason for tree failure in the near future. The team might visually assess the tree, or the inspection may include activities like drilling to check for internal deterioration. Apart from this, arborists also invest time in to looking at how people or property can be affected due to the damaged tree.

The technicalities of a tree risk assessment routine include evaluation for –

  • Possibility of failure
  • Possibility of measuring the kind of impact a fallen branch or tree can have on people and property
  • The after effects of tree failure

Factors that determine the risk of tree failure

Location – If the tree is in an isolated location, the damage will not be much. But if the tree is in a locality with people and homes around, no delay can be sustainable.

Defects – Damaged or sick trees can do unimaginable damage.

 The Plan of Action

Now is the best time to undertake tree risk evaluation activities. It is best to have your trees inspected by professionals to understand the urgency or necessity of tree removal. This also gives ample time to think about better alternatives other than tree removal.

Early diagnosis can help avoid tree removal and instead the tree might be saved with services like – Pruning, cabling or bracing.

As experts in the tree care genre, we recommend you choose the best and reputed tree care company. Because, when its tree care, quality is more important than price. So, think before you choose.

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