Are You Skeptical About Cutting Dead Branches for Better Tree Health?

Are You Skeptical About Cutting Dead Branches for Better Tree Health?
on January 24, 2018 in Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming

When, how and why are three basic questions that need solid answers before making a decision that includes cutting any part of the tree. Well, cutting, or in the arborist’s term, pruning trees is helpful to the tree in several ways. To make this easier to comprehend, we can relate the scenario with a haircut, that instantly gives volume, shines and helps get rid of dead, dull hair with split ends. Similar is the case with trees.

Tree trimming and pruning experts in Charlotte NC highly recommend tree pruning that involves cutting off dead or diseased branches and is a proven method to give perfect shape to the tree. This tree care exercise promotes healthy growth and at the same time, makes the tree look better. So, if you desire to own a healthy lawn with beautiful and strong trees for generations to come, we suggest you get going with the tree pruning routine.

Let’s check out a few additional details that clear your doubts & express how necessary it is for regular pruning of trees.

#1 – Pruning for Safety Reasons

Pruning of trees confirms removal of deadwood before it is taken away by strong wind or storm. This is the primary reason why regularly pruned trees are less prone to having branches or limbs break during storms and days of strong winds. If you are looking forward to keeping life and property safe from any potential risk due to falling trees or branches, get a professional pruning calendar in place. Timely check-ups by arborists work for the betterment of trees.

#2 – Pruning for Good Health

Pruning for good health of trees is an activity carried out when the tree is young. Normally, a few years after planting is a perfect time. Engaging professional expertise and experience of an arborist, in this case, is essential to develop strong, sturdy & sound branch structure. This is an effective way to curb risk in a proactive fashion.

Basically here, the arborist will check your tree and get involved in removing weak branch structures. In this session the plan also is to eliminate competing or excessive branches that improve the shape of the tree, making it sturdier. Pruning also makes more room for sunlight & air that is circulated through the canopy. More sunlight means higher photosynthesis, which is equal to stronger trees.

#3 – Pruning for Aesthetics, Money and Plentiful – Crop.

Primarily concerned with the health of the tree, arborists also work on the aesthetics look. Enhancing the natural shape of the tree, arborists love doing artwork that makes the tree look more attractive.
Well, this enhancement is monetarily beneficial when the house is on sale. A healthy looking lush landscape definitely leaves the homeowner with a higher perspective.

The benefits don’t end here. If you have fruit trees in your garden, regular pruning helps them grow bigger and juicier fruits consistently every season.

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