Prune Young Trees for Strength & Structure

Prune Young Trees for Strength & Structure

Young trees grow to be beautiful, strong and healthy, if pruned using the right method & on a timely basis. So, when a new tree is planted, it is recommended to prune it at early growing stages, and not wait until the tree grows old.

Pruning is more stressful for older trees, as we then need to get rid of larger branches & the tree needs to recover from bigger wounds. This in future may also raise safety issues. Keeping the fact of pruning young trees in mind, the tree initially should be allowed to grow for at least one or may two growing seasons, to allow the tree to firmly establish itself.

Everybody loves to be surrounded with mature, crisp and well-structured trees that have a healthy canopy. A very few know that the secret to gain this is pruning.

Below we reveal the secrets tips that will help prune young trees-

Tip #1:
To make room for the leading limb, always select a central branch. While choosing the central branch, be wise and pick the one that is free of, wounds, damages or another defect. Post which you can go ahead and identify stems that are competing, and need to be shortened or removed.

Tip #2:
In tip number two, we make clear the concept of structural or subordinate pruning. This process consists of trimming competing branches, and encourages the tree’s leaders to grow, with aim to let the tree grow healthier & more sturdy.

Tip #3:
Before making tree trimming a routine DIY project, or trying it on young trees in your yard. We strongly recommend you consult a tree trimming company in Charlotte, NC. This could help save the tree from severe damages that can be caused due to an adequate information and lack of experience & expertise.
The rule of thumb for pruning is that “never trim or prune more than 1/4th of the canopy”. It can be very hazardous for the tree.

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