Tree De-mossing

Tree De-mossing
on February 17, 2016 in Tree Health Warnings

Moss can make trees less attractive, weaken and add weight to branches, and choke off new twig growth. De-mossing is the process of climbing trees and physically removing moss, and should only be done by a certified arborist to avoid hurting your trees and to save foliage that may be lost if not performed properly. We have the right tools and equipment to reach all branches of the tree to remove Ball or Spanish moss. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to determine the best method of de-mossing (hand removal or chemical spraying) for your particular situation. The chemical spray we use is safe, will not harm your trees, and may even provide additional benefits to your trees.

Please Call 704-366-1134 with any questions regarding trees de-mossing or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on-line with an AAA TREE EXPERTS Arborist. An evaluation with one of our tree care consultants is FREE OF CHARGE.

Photo of a close-up of Spanish moss was taken by Jud McCranie
Photo of Ball moss was taken by Kohlnf.

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