What are the Signs Of a Diseased Tree

What are the Signs Of a Diseased Tree
on March 1, 2017 in Tree Health Warnings

Concern and unnecessary apprehension about hazards to property and life has lead to untimely removal of healthy trees. Trees are a precious gift of nature to mankind and other living beings. It is not right to uproot a tree based on intuition. There should be science and logic behind making tree removal decisions.

Tree hazards are definitely a point of concern. It takes years for a tree to grow tall, and strong. In the century where we are at a risk of global warming, landowners, land manager and associations should keep tree removal as the last option.

As it is always said “Prevention is better than cure”.
Let us understand the signs that help us diagnose tree health and take wiser tree related decisions.

Dead limbs

Dead limbs are a common and easy to way to identify tree health. In such situations leaves on the tree go grey and brittle. Many times the tree has very few leaves in quantity.


It is very natural to find insects on trees and tree trunks. Beware of the ones that are hazardous for tree health. Insects like tent caterpillar, balsam wooly adelgid, black turpentine beetle etc, are dangerous.


Mushrooms are all over the place in rainy or damp weather. When mushrooms grow around your trees, they can be ignored. But when you observe mushroom growth on the tree, it means that the tree is dead or decaying. Mushrooms require decaying material to survive on. This definitely is alarming.

Fresh shoots

Fresh shoots always make us believe that the tree is blooming once again. Scientifically, this happens in situations when the roots are being suffocated and the tree falls short of nutrients.

Above are certain prominent symptoms, which help us understand tree health in a concrete manner.
Reducing tree hazards is in our hands. Tree cutting services in Charlotte, NC have adept and veteran arborists that inspect trees and give proper solutions towards protecting them. Tree removal is the last resort that tree companies suggest.

Procedures like, trimming and pruning periodically helps increase life span of trees making them stronger and healthier.

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