How to Keep Safe Trees from Construction Damage

How to Keep Safe Trees from Construction Damage
on January 30, 2017 in Helpfull Tips, Tree Health News

Concrete jungles are overtaking and expanding at a high rate, at the cost of deforestation. Landscape homes are often constructed in places where there are trees, in order to take advantage of beauty & serenity that trees add to any locality.

The presence of trees makes it so much easier to live summers in a pleasant way, as it blocks sunlight and keeps the atmosphere cool. They also act as a shield against rain, snow & wind. Tree leaves work as the best filtering agent; they purify air, by inhaling carbon dioxide & exhaling Oxygen. Trees not only protect humans from snow and rainfall, but also give shelter to wild animals & help them combat the effects of bad weather conditions.

When construction projects are undertaken, trees are bound to be damaged. To cut down on tree damages in North Carolina, professional tree services in Charlotte, NC can be made use of.

As we all know precaution is better than cure. There are three vital steps that should be accommodated before starting a construction site.

Tree Inventory:

It is important to do your homework right. Carefully choose the location for pavement & utilities keeping in mind each tree. Determine aspects like tree health, foundation & position of your architectural design keeping keys trees in mind.

Narrow down the plan

Restrict the sidewalks, construction vehicle movement, work areas and driveways in such a way that trees in the locality should not get damaged.

Right Contractors

Reputable contractors with prior work experience should be chosen, contractors who have dealt with construction sites, with conscious efforts towards preventing damages to valuable trees. This definitely can add up to the budget, but will be worth the expenditure.

Protection throughout Construction

Root Protection Zones

Roots are vital. They can be protected by building a fence that prevents the roots from external damage. The prescribed measurement for the fence is around a one foot of radius.

Mulch the root

Heavy construction materials & equipments can do an irreparable damage to soil & roots. Ask your contractor to keep the equipment away from the tree. In unavoidable circumstances, do not forget to heavily mulch the area, where there are high chances of the construction equipment to be used.


Watering the tree is essential. Make sure to water the trees in the home landscape, during dry periods before & after construction.

We are busy with the word called development, but do not realize the harm it generates. Trees are a universal solution to combat global warming. The above mentioned are a few remedies and precautions that will help keep track of your trees at construction sites and preserve them for a greener tomorrow.

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