Crown Reductions

Crown Reductions

An effective method of pruning that can help keep mature trees around for longer

In this picture, we are reducing several leaders on a silver maple with proper pruning cuts in attempt to mitigate risk of failure.  We also installed a high strength cable in the tree.

Sometimes mature trees are more prone to failure due to structural deficiencies.  If a tree has stems/ branches that are disproportionately heavy at the ends and weak attachment points (v-shaped unions as opposed to u-shaped unions), a partial or full crown reduction can help tremendously.  Reducing some of the end weight, if done with appropriate tree pruning, can take a tremendous amount of stress off of the branch and union.

Folks often opt for tree removal when it comes to valuable trees on their property strictly because they are “tree scared”.  We get it.  Trees are often massive, heavy, and close to where we live and exist.  And there’s no way to make a tree completely safe.  If there is a tree, there is some level of risk.  But we encourage customers to really consider efforts to mitigate risk, if reasonable, so that we can all enjoy the many benefits that these trees provide for years to come.

If you have concerns about your trees, call a reputable tree service and speak to an arborist about the options available.

before canoy reductionafter canopy reduction

borrowed from University of Florida

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