Check How Dangerous Tree Branches Hanging Over the Roof Can Be!

Check How Dangerous Tree Branches Hanging Over the Roof Can Be!
on June 13, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Facts, Tree Pruning

Trees in the yard add that beauty quotient and make your landscape look more stunning. The changing color of its leaves with changing seasons gives a natural makeover to your yard every new season. The calming sound of leaves dancing to the tune of blowing the wind is a yet another soothing experience. But views of tree branches hanging over the roofline are worrisome. In fact, these branches loaded with leaves and flowers look pretty but are dangerous to property.

Well! If you are in the same situation worrying about hanging branches over the roofline, we are here with a few ideas that will help safely fix the issue. These steps help you prevent damage from hanging branches on the roof, but the process carries a risk. Hence, it is best to approach a reliable tree trimming services in Charlotte, NC to get the job done effortlessly.

Let’s begin with understanding what damages these hanging branches pose for the property

• These tree branches can strip layers of asphalt and gravel, by scraping against the sand of your roof on windy days.
• Leaves fallen on the roof or in the gutter can pose complications like leakages, deterioration or mold.
• It is a lot riskier when the tree is not healthy and is infested by insects or is diseased. Winds and storms can easily get them crashing or damaging the property’s roof.

It is also important to understand how these trees became dangerous in the first place. There are instances when we don’t really think toward the future before planting a tree. Planting trees that will grow very tall at spaces very close to the house are bound to end up being dangerous, especially for the roof. So, the next time you plant a tree, consider this factor. Tree trimming and other tree services come at a cost. Hence, it is vital to know whose tree is the culprit. Yours or your neighbors. There are instances when the neighbor’s tree trespasses and barges into your property. On such occasions, it is best to talk out the issue with your neighbor and sort it out mutually, with the help of tree services.

These are a few factors that you need to know; when you have an uninvited guest called “the hanging branches over the roof” to damage your roof.

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