Care for your Trees and Shrubs in 5 Simple Ways

Care for your Trees and Shrubs in 5 Simple Ways

Trees and shrubs undeniably are an essential aspect of a landscape. Well, not just because they add color and structure to the landscape, but because they also create desirable focal points. Well-grown trees and shrubs may look adequate, but the truth is that attaining a healthy landscape is the real task. We agree that trees and shrubs are low maintenance. Luckily, looking after them can be easy, but basic knowledge about tree care is essential to ensure that the plants reach their full potential.

Here, are tips that can guide you right from planting to protecting trees and shrubs in your yard for a healthy output.


Planting may seem like the easiest step of all. However, planting is the initial step that can determine the future of the tree or shrub. Hence, it is important to know the right technique and the best time for planting new trees in the green zone.
Planting decisions can be taken when the soil is not frozen. As an experienced tree service company in Charlotte NC, we recommend spring or fall to be the best time for new plantations.

Pro-tip: It’s important to understand and adhere to a simple rule of avoiding any new plantation during stressful weather conditions.


“Watering” is an essential next step once you have firmly planted new saplings in the ground. Watering after plantation is important as it guarantees the soil backfill and helps the soil settle in a better way especially around the root ball.
Apart from the new plantation, it is also important to water well-established trees and shrubs. Well, you can be a little relaxed here, as the grown plants would need watering when the climate gets very dry.

Pro – Tip: It is important to be careful about the water pressure. Experts advise to keep it slow and low. This makes it possible to moisten the soil evenly and avoids any soil damage.


Remember mulching can do a lot for the landscape. It not only creates a clean and tidy look but also works excellent with retaining moisture in the soil and controls pesky weeds. For better results, the rule of thumb is to mulch an area around the base of the plant for about 3 inches.

Pro tip: Use organic shredded mulch for better results.


Shrubs and trees in the yard need a balanced amount of nutrients to thrive. The correct amount of nutrition in the soil supports plants to grow to their full potential. It’s a fact that properly fertilized landscapes are greener and produce better quality leaves, fruits, and flowers. In short, fertilization is important for the overall outcome of the landscape.

Pro Tip: As fertilization is a very calculative process, we suggest you take help from professionals.


We agree that the above mentioned four steps from planting to fertilization boost the health of the tree, but at times extra help is inevitable. Hence, to protect your landscape from any tree related issue its wise to get in touch with the best tree service company without delay.
These tree care professionals inspect your garden and yard in detail and treat your ornamental trees and shrubs for various issues like insect infestation, weather damage and more. In short, they provide protection to plants against damage.

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