Why Plant a Tree

Why Plant a Tree
on May 25, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Service

Planting trees is a highly sustainable and easy way of impacting the surrounding environment positively. They are the lifeline to a healthier environment, clean air, and better living. Here are the chief reasons a tree planting program is critical.

Effects of Severe Weather can be mitigated

So far, climate change effects are already being felt. People who live in canary areas such as islands are now experiencing habitat change, ice melt, and drought. With time, the effects will become even more severe. Scientifically, trees have the capacity to mitigate extreme weather since they hold the soil together, thereby preventing erosion caused by flash floods and downpours. When soil is held together, dust storms and desertification are also prevented.  Trees provide food for animals that make up the ecosystem, absorb gaseous pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, and ozone, and the shade they cast decreases harsh heatwaves.

Increased Home Value

Embracing a tree service or planting program today can in the future increase the value of your home by up to 20 percent. Plant trees in your yard to take your landscaping design a notch higher and increase your curb appeal. If yours is a low maintenance home, the evergreens can be a practical choice for you. Studies show that while bathroom or kitchen remodeling can present a recovery value of 120+ percent, planting trees and keeping the landscaping in tip-top shape can draw a 200 percent return value. In fact, mature trees around your home can lead to an appraised value of $1,000 to $10,000.

Reduced Energy Bills

Trees can improve indoor air quality and conserve energy during winter and summer. The key is to involve a tree service expert such as an arborist to understand the right types of trees to use in your climate and where to strategically position them. Good shade trees can block direct sunlight during summer and reduce a home’s cooling bills by 50 percent. In winter, the wind can be blocked, reducing heating costs by more than 20 percent.

Get Tree Service Professional Help

You can only fully enjoy the true benefits of trees by planting them in the right place and choosing a type that will thrive depending on your local climate, landscape, soil condition, pests, and diseases. Working with a professional tree service provider is vital to ensure your efforts successfully pay later in life.

Learn more about planting trees in your yard. Contact a professional arborist at AAA Tree Experts in Charlotte, NC.

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