Vertical Mulching Benefits

Vertical Mulching Benefits
on February 22, 2016 in Tree Care Advice

Vertical mulching (or “vertimulching”) is a common procedure, in which one drills small holes in the soil underneath the canopy of the tree all the way to a drip line (“tree protection zone”), and fills it with appropriate mixtures, such as organic mulch (wood chips, leaves, pine straw, etc), inoculant, pea gravel, sand, soil with fertilizer (compost), or a combination of the previous. Vertical mulching can reduce soil compaction, increase oxygen levels (aeration) of the soil, fertilize the soil, and inoculate the root zone of stressed trees or shrubs. Vertical mulching will also lessen damage due to excessive watering and allow sub-soil water to penetrate the tree protection zone during dry periods.

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