A Step by Step Guide for Removing Turf & Mulching the Tree Base

A Step by Step Guide for Removing Turf & Mulching the Tree Base
on August 21, 2017 in Tree Care Advice, Tree Facts, Tree Service

Flower beds, a swing or pretty birdhouses, compliment the tree. But it’s important to know what looks good and yet harms the tree. Yes! I think you have guessed this right. Turf or grass, growing at the base of the tree can be harmful for the following reasons –
a) Turf & tree compete for water and nutrients available in the soil & eventually, grass tends to win always.
b) Reason number two is mowing. Grass requires mowing and this process holds chances of damaging tree roots.

Keeping in mind the above reasons. It is best to get rid of the grass that grows at the base of a tree and mulch that area up. Mulch will work as a protective shield & also will help accelerate the growth factor.
Today, we present to you a step by step guide to removing grass & mulch the tree base. This guide is prepared based on the knowledge and experience of an arborist in Charlotte, NC.

Here is the step by step guide, to get rid of unwanted grass close to the trees base & appropriately add mulch for best results –

So, let’s begin with understanding the real time process & give trees & turf what they exactly need.

Grass Removal with a Shovel
1. Mark the desired radius with a spray marker.
2. Use a shovel to dig and remove the grass. Make sure to not dig too deep & hurt the roots.
3. If you find any area hard to dig, don’t try too hard, as you might end up scraping small underlying roots.
4. Once the grass is removed, apply about 2 to 4 inches of mulch in the radius of the tree base.
5. Remember that the mulch should be placed, 5 or more inches away from the trunk. This keeps pests away from the tree.
6. Last but not the least, thoroughly water the mulch and your lawn is all set to look beautiful, organized and healthy.

Grass Removal with newspaper
This is the number two way to mulch the tree base.
1. Step number one is to evenly cut the grass underneath the tree.
2. Place about 10 to 15 sheets and cover each section of the grass at a desired radius. You can mark the radius with a marker spray or chalk powder.
3. Overlap the newspapers by adding more on each section
4. Put water and soak the entire circle. Then apply mulch as directed in the first method.
5. Last and the final step once again is to thoroughly water the mulch.
6. In about 30 days the grass will die. There is no need to remove the paper, as it will ultimately be decomposed.
You can choose whichever method you feel is best.

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