Protecting Trees from Cankerworm Damage

Protecting Trees from Cankerworm Damage
on November 25, 2016 in Tree Care Advice

It was in early 2000’s when cankerworms became a big buzzword in the Charlotte area. These species are known for eating tree leaves, especially during early spring. While they don’t kill trees immediately, the process gradually wane trees, especially the old ones. Their presence makes trees susceptible to several diseases and other stressors. Tree banding in Charlotte is considered one of the most effective methods of protection.

Types of Cankerworms: There are two species of cankerworm – the fall cankerworm and the spring cankerworm.

The Charlotte area has had a rising population of cankerworms. Depending on the types of trees and shrubs, there are several tips available for cankerworm prevention and removal. Read on to learn the amazing methods:

  • Tree banding is considered the most effective cankerworm preventive method. Tree banding involves creating a physical block with a sticky substance that prevents those species from crawling to the top of trees and lay eggs. The best time to band trees is mid-November. This is the time when the method blocks the activity of both spring and fall cankerworms. If you want, you can purchase a tree banding kit and learn the process.
  • Banding may not be enough because the banding method may only partially protect your trees. It may be better to opt for concentrated sprays. With the growing population of cankerworms in Charlotte area, concentrated sprays are gaining rapid popularity. Pesticides like Bacillus thuringiensis or BT is also a recommended step by arborists. You need to know the right timing of when to spray the pesticide in order to get the best results.
  • Fall cankerworms don’t kill healthy trees. The best way is to remove the leaves and wait for the trees to grow new leaves. After the growth of new leaves, there will be enough time for a healthy tree to recover.
  • Trees with cankerworms are common in the Charlotte area. The banding method has been followed for the last 25 years, but can still be ineffective in some situations. Their population is increasing and thus, arborists are coming up with new solutions.

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