A Complete Guide to Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

A Complete Guide to Get Rid Of Tree Stumps
on January 27, 2017 in Tree Care Advice

A tree stump is the remaining portion of the tree trunk, after the tree has been cut or fallen. Tree stumps can be dangerous and also not that pleasant for the eyes. If not removed, tree stumps can pose problems like invading valuable space in the lawn or backyard. It may also accidentally be hazardous. It can hurt people causing injuries, especially to the ones who are unfamiliar & unaware about the stump being there.

Tree stumps also are an open invitation to pests & insects. A stump basically is that portion of the tree, which is still attached to the roots, hence is difficult to be removed. If these stumps are not removed there are chances of re-growth. In order to uproot stumps, tree services can be hired to do the job, or you can also do it yourself.

There are various ways to remove a tree stump

  • Manual Stump Removal
  • Removal by Grinding
  • Removal by Chemical
  • Removal by Burning

    Manual Stump Removal
    People tend to put incorrect efforts while removing tree stumps by hand. Often small or weak tree stumps can be removed by hands.

    Use of right tools is important. The check list consists of, a chainsaw or limbing saw, a shovel, a pick mattock, a digging bar, an axe and a four-wheeler truck & chains.

    Stump Removal by Grinding
    Tree stumps can also be removed with the help of heavy machinery like the grinder. The tree stump grinder is a machine, which consists of a circular toothed blade that enables grinding and chopping of the tree stump.

    Stump removal by grinding demands a lot of heavy machinery and precautionary steps. Big and rigid tree stumps need a grinder to be removed. Hence, it is better to go for a professional tree grinding service.

    Stump Removal by Chemical

    A variety of chemical products are available in the market that can be used in the garden. These assist the act of rotting the dead tree stump, making it weak and easy to remove. Often potassium nitrate is used to expedite the process. Chemical fertilizers that contain a high percentage of nitrogen activate bacterial growth for decay.

    Please note: In case of chemical usage, make sure to keep children & pets away from the chemical loaded stump.

    Stump Removal by Burning

    Burning and getting rid of the tree stump, is one of the easiest and inexpensive way of tree stump removal.

    The above mentioned are alternative and full proof ways of getting rid of tree stumps, which are known to pose variety issues after a tree is cut or fallen.

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