6 Ways to Care for Your Trees This Spring

6 Ways to Care for Your Trees This Spring
on March 16, 2018 in Tree Care Advice

Titled as the city of trees, Charlotte NC looks pretty and has an incessant charm due to its landscape covered by a fresh green canopy. Charlotte being one the best springtime escapes is a place that believes in taking good care of its trees and shrubs. As experts in the tree care services industry, we are passionate about trees and would love to use this platform to share a few important tips that will help homeowners in Charlotte NC take good care of their trees, even during springtime.

Follow the Tips Mentioned Below & Get A Healthy Kick Start for Spring

1. Pruning – It’s important

When winter slowly slips into spring, it is important to revitalize late-spring blossoming by pruning smaller, flowering and fruiting trees. And yes, how can we forget the ornamentals.
The most basic yet sturdy benefits of pruning help protect and maintain the right shape and size of trees. The process also induces improvement in airflow and light penetration. Arborists, highly recommend pruning of trees during early spring. As it is the best way to resolve damage caused by the harshness of the winter season.

2. Prevent Your Yard from Pest Damage

To save the trunk and leaves of your trees from pest damage due to overwintering pests, we recommend you contact an arborist and have an early check done. As the winter season is harsh, several pests take refuge within a tree. Consulting arborists in the early spring stage helps homeowners get the best and timely solution to solve any pest related issue in the primary stages and save the lawn from any major damage.

3. The Clean Up

Before Spring arrives, it is important to do a quick spring cleanup, to keep the trees in your yard healthy and sturdy.

Step 1 – Remove all the decorative lights and material from the tree. Don’t let the branches be wrapped with the unwanted burden.
Step 2 – Once winter is gone and the temperature begins to rise, it is necessary to remove the protective layer created with winter wraps around tree trunks.
Step 3 – Rake all the dead leaves and allow the tree roots to breathe properly.

4. Mulch It Up

Mulch is a great way to retain moisture in the soil and protect the tree from extreme temperatures. Mulching up the lawn also saves trees from unwanted weed growth. Properly placing mulch in the lawn prevents you from moving too close from the tree trunk. This highly minimizes the chances of creating wounds on the tree trunk and making it vulnerable to borers, ants, and beetles.

5. Scrutinize Trees for Signs of Injury

Dropping temperatures of winter are very harsh for the tree. It sometimes also takes a toll on the tree’s health. Due to winter, trees planted in dry soil have chances of suffering from frost injury and even winter burns. Additionally, the tree can also show signs that indicate the tree is suffering from the fungi-related disease. To stop any further damage of the last season, it is mandatory to check if the tree has any injury.

6. Watering Trees Is an Art

Proper watering routine is a must to keep trees healthy in every season. Based on the season, the requirement changes. Especially during springtime, its recommended to –
• Deeply water trees especially in areas where de-icing materials are used.
• Even if the weather is cool, do not allow your trees to dry out.
• Keep a check on the sprinkler system. It’s important to adjust the sprinkler as per requirements and look out for any leakages in the system.

Well, if you find the above tips unmanageable, we recommend you get in touch with tree experts and power your lawn with the goodness of spring, by dedicating a professional tree care routine.

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