When to Call an Arborist Instead of a Landscaper

When to Call an Arborist Instead of a Landscaper
on June 4, 2018 in Hiring Arborists, Tree Service

Many homeowners have a misconception that tasks like pruning or removal can be handled proficiently by landscapers. But beware; there are certain tree care instances where it is always a safer and smarter option to go for professional arborists.

Let’s Learn About Those Instances–

When to Call an Arborist Instead of a Landscaper

Hazardous Trees

Trees that overhang cannot be trusted. You may find such branches over houses, roads or buildings. No matter where they are, they can be hazardous to life or property.

Tall Trees

Remember a tree undeniably is too big if it touches the power line or blocks a good amount of sunlight. You need to get it pruned.

Sick Trees

It’s important to always have a close look at your trees. Do not miss out on dead branches or vertical cracks in the trunk, even large wounds can be hazardous. Here you need an arborist to get the tree back in good health and shape.

Old Stumps

Stumps are a nuisance. It’s best to grind the stumps under the expertise of well-trained arborists and make room for new trees.

Low Branches

Low branches are known to block the sidewalks and streets. So, it’s better to get them trimmed.
Well, it’s important to get a check of your garden on a timely basis and let the specialists detect and resolve the issue.

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