Trick or Treat!!! How about a special treat for your trees, to keep ’em from looking SCAAAARRRRY next season!!
on October 28, 2011 in Helpfull Tips


A nasty old dead tree might give off the good ol’ Halloween look, but nobody really wants one on their property.  We’ll just keep buying fake skulls and spiders while we keep our trees nice and healthy.

Fall is an optimal time to treat the soil underneath your trees’ canopies.  If the soil that tree roots exist in and feed from is lacking in nutrients, it’s just a matter of time before problems will arise.  This is often the case in urban and suburban environments.  Forested trees generally fair well because they live in the environment that they’re meant to exist in.

We treat soil with a combination of organic materials that are nutrient rich and extremely helpful when it comes to providing trees with what they need to live healthily in the urban or suburban environment.

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