Trees Stressed Out From Summer Heat & Drought?

Trees Stressed Out From Summer Heat & Drought?

Heat and drought stresses trees, making them weak and leaving them powerless to fight off even the most amiable pests and benign diseases. Trees become fragile and break easily, specially in autumn storms. Cooler autumn temperatures are around the corner, so it’s a great time to help your trees relax from the summer heat and drought.

Water right. You will need 10 gallons of water per inch of the tree’s trunk diameter (for each watering) 2 to 3 times per month. A garden hose (at medium water pressure) will deliver about 10 gallons of water approximately every 5-6 min. Water restrictions often allow for drip irrigation, which will take longer, but is an efficient way to water trees.

Liquid compost extract. Autumn is a good time to apply liquid compost as a foliar spray for quick relief to stressed trees. You can also apply a soil drench around the roots to stimulate beneficial microbes in the soil.

Deep root zone feeding. High-pressure injections of an organically-based, slow-release fertilizer below the soil surface for long-term nourishment.

Prune and trim. Autumn is the best time to prune/trim off dead, brittle, weak limbs, or even completely remove damaged trees that pose a risk of falling. Proper pruning and trimming will greatly reduce the risk of damage to your trees as the storm season approaches.

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