Tree Topping – All That You Need To Know About

Tree Topping – All That You Need To Know About
on October 19, 2016 in Helpfull Tips

When it comes to tree trimming or pruning, topping is known for being the most harmful tree pruning practice till date. Topping involves indiscriminate cutting of tree branches that are not that large to assume the terminal role. This technique is a common practice to reduce the size of the trees, basically cutting the top of the trees. Topping ultimately reduces trees remaining branches to stumps. Basically, this is not a viable method to shape a tree and the process doesn’t reduce any hazard. Topping makes trees more hazardous in the long term.

Why shouldn’t you go for Tree Topping?

If you care about your trees, its better that you don’t use the tree topping method. It’s time when this tree trimming technique should be stopped so that the trees can have proper growth.

Here are a few reasons that might help you understand why you should prevent tree topping. Have a look:

Topping Results In Decay

Cutting made along a limb between the lateral branches results in stubs with wounds that trees are not capable to close. The exposed wood tissues start decaying. Because of topping, the decay organisms are allowed to move freely through the branches.

Topping Leads To Stresses

Topping removes 50-100 percent of leaf bearing crown. As you know, leaves are the food factories of tree, removing them will starve a tree and will also result in survival mechanisms. If trees don’t have stored energy to produce leaves, trees will seriously weaken and may die.


Branches within the crown produce leaves to absorb sunlight. So, when the leaves are removed, the branches and trunks gets exposed to scorching sun rays and are highly-affected. This finally results in sunburn of tissues beneath the bark, leading to cankers, bark spitting as well as death of some branches.

Unacceptable Risk

FYI, the survival mechanism that helps a tree to produce multiple shoots is affected because of topping. These shoots are supported in the outermost layers of parent branches and are weakly attached. They are prone to breaking, especially during windy conditions. Because of topping, they start losing their support and finally break. Though the original goal was to reduce height, unfortunately; chances of limb failure increases.


Topping is an expensive tree pruning technique. Eventually, when the tree dies because of topping, more money is spent to remove it or clean the area. Tree topping in Charlotte, NC is really expensive and therefore it is better to avoid this technique.

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