Save Some Green While Being Green This Winter!!
on January 26, 2011 in Helpfull Tips

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you can take care of your trees and save money simultaneously!!  Winter is an excellent time to prune your trees for health, aesthetics, and structural reasons.  Pruning your trees is an important aspect  of tree health care maintenance.  Eliminating dead, damaged, and diseased branches is important for obvious reasons, but it’s also important in the way of minimizing structural failure due to elements such as wind or ice.

AAA Tree Experts is currently offering all aspects of tree health care for very low seasonal rates.  Folks often choose to have tree work done in the warmer months, but it’s just as doable in the colder months.  Pruning live branches during dormancy can actually be preferable.

So do what’s right for your trees , home, and family and save considerably  in the process.  Inform one of our arborists of this blog posting and receive our discounted winter rate!!  Call 704-366-1164 or go to to set up an evaluation.

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