Put on your coat and take a look at your trees!
on November 24, 2010 in Helpfull Tips

These trees were pruned in the dormant season for weight reduction, building clearance, and aesthetic value.

Late Fall and Winter (the dormant season for trees) is an excellent time to have trees pruned. Many of our customers focus on their trees in spring and summer and we’re okay with that; we love caring for trees and doing tree work during all of the four seasons.

But we definitely want to let folks know that the dormant season is the optimal time to prune live branches from trees (dead branches should be removed regardless of the time of year). Pruning the proper amount of live branches can reduce tree failure risk (especially in the event of an ice storm), allow for better views, and improve the aesthetic value of trees.

The other excellent reason to have trees pruned in the dormant season is that it is cheaper. It’s the best time to have trees pruned and it’s cheaper!! “How can this be?!?!” you ask. As I mentioned, most work gets done in the warmer months of the year. We reduce rates in the dormant season so that we can keep doing what we love to do: take care of your trees.

So please call AAA Tree Experts at 704-366-1134 or click here to set up an evaluation. You can care for your trees and save money doing it!!

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