Let’s give back to our trees this holiday season!!

Let’s give back to our trees this holiday season!!
on December 3, 2014 in Helpfull Tips, Tree Care Advice

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Trees give to us all year long. Giving back to them will help stay healthy, vibrant, and beautiful in the urban and suburban environment.Please don’t neglect your trees just because it’s cold outside!  As long as the ground temp is above 40% (which it most often is in our area), it’s a good time to offer your trees extremely nutrient rich ingredients as well as a low nitrogen fertilizer.The dormant season is great for pruning as well. Tree structure is easier to see. Arborists can identify dead whether there are leaves on the trees or not. Many trees respond better to live branch pruning during dormancy. We prune trees for safety, structure, aesthetics, and more. AAA Tree Experts wishes you happy holidays and encourages you to be responsible when it comes to your trees!!




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