Having your Trees cared for in the Winter is Good for your Trees as well as your Pockets!!
on December 5, 2011 in Helpfull Tips, Tree Care Advice

Winter is a smart time for consumers to consider having tree care operations performed on their property.  Folks often lose sight of tree care needs during the colder months.  Dead wood is harder to notice to the untrained eye, and often people’s minds aren’t as focused on plant health care during the dormant months.

The reality is that the dormant season is the best time to trim live branches from trees .  A properly trained arborist can identify dead that should be removed whether there are leaves on the tree or not.

Pruning trees is important for obvious reasons, such as eliminating dead, damaged, and diseased branches, but it’s also important in the way of minimizing structural failure due to elements such as wind or ice. Also, in our mild Charlotte climate,  the soil surrounding trees can be treated throughout most of the year.

And because our industry slows down considerably in the Winter, we can offer all of our services for a discounted rate.  Please call 704-366-1134 or click here to schedule a free evaluation.

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