Fall is here. Trees shut down. Call AAA Tree Experts.

Fall is here. Trees shut down. Call AAA Tree Experts.
on October 27, 2015 in Helpfull Tips, Tree Care Advice

We’ll put good stuff in the ground. I can tell that we are gonna be friends   **meant to be heard to The White Stripes’ “We are gonna be friends”**

Amend the soil where your tree and shrub roots exist this fall.

We often mistakenly think of fertilization as something that should only be applied during the active growing season when in reality roots are currently taking up nutrients that will help them to resist disease and maintain vigor.  Excess nutrients are stored and immediately available in the spring which is highly valuable to the tree and reduces the chances of stress which in time can lead to decline, failure, and death.

AAA Tree Experts uses a combination of worm castings (extremely nutrient rich) as well as a Sea Kelp fertilizer.  We don’t bombard your trees and shrubs with excessive amounts of nitrogen which can be more harmful than helpful.

Charlotte seems to be the land of the overgrown willow oaks.  These are a faster growing oak that often has poor attachment points and we frequently see willow oak branches or whole trees fail.

Cambistat is a plant growth regulator that can increase the chance of coexisting with your mature tree for an extended period of time.  It can also lessen the frequency of needed pruning,  which is kind of a bummer for our climbers, but good for your pocket book.

Please call us at 704-366-1134 or contact us here /contact-us/ for more information and a free evaluation.

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