Build Your Idea about Removing Surface Tree Roots

Build Your Idea about Removing Surface Tree Roots
on December 21, 2016 in Helpfull Tips

Do you want to make your lawn look clean by removing tree roots above ground? Wait for a while, and read this article for some amazing facts. We are here to educate you about cutting above ground roots and the expected after-effects.

Dealing with roots can be tricky – you need to be careful to save trees from damage. An improper or wrong cut may affect the tree’s water flow, causing the tree to fall in a storm. This is the reason why you need to take a safe approach. The best thing you can do is consult with a reliable tree care service provider in order to help your tree grow the healthy way.

Will the tree die?

This basically depends on the size and location of the tree root. In Charlotte, NC, you will come across lawns full of trees that feature roots above ground. This can damage the entire yard and beauty of the lawn.
It’s better to avoid pruning roots that are 2 inches wide. Do not cut or remove large roots because the tree may not be able to get enough nutrients. Roots that are close to the trunk are critical to the tree’s structure; do not remove them.

How to cut roots without killing the tree?

Cutting tree roots doesn’t assure that the method won’t kill the tree. Arborists recommend removing tree roots if they are damaging any nearby structure.

The below mentioned step-by-step guide will help you with DIY root cutting;

  • Firstly, start with cutting small roots that are creating issue. Dig out the soil around and then cut with a root saw or loppers. Ensure that you are not cutting roots aggressively as that may damage the growth of the tree.

  • Dig a channel and cut away the roots annually. Digging up a deep trench and installing galvanized metal roofing or a double layer of HDPE plastic will save you from this chore.

  • It’s better to use a root saw to prune the tree. You need to pull the root up and away from the tree to make the cut. After you are done with the root removal, refill the hole with soil from the same area.

  • Some trees respond to cut roots by growing new suckers from the root system. To kill them, apply herbicides that contain glyphospate to the sucker and ensure that you are not spraying it onto nearby plants. Then cut the root to prevent the flow of herbicides from reaching the main tree.

  • Removing roots the proper way will not only make the surrounding yard look healthy and beautiful, but will also enhance the growth of your tree. For quality tree care services in Charlotte, NC; contact AAA Tree Care Experts.

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