When to Water Trees During a Drought

When to Water Trees During a Drought

tree watering and drought

Summers can become very hot. Scorching heat with little rain causes drought conditions across the country. Droughts often place water restrictions on your water use and you need to follow conservation policies to save on supplies. Trees are still going to need water to survive, so you need to know when to water during a drought.

When your water supplies become restricted, you’ll need to prioritize which plants are going to receive a portion of your precious water supply. Annuals would be a good plant to sacrifice in favor of saving your wooded areas as you’re not going to be able to provide water to everything. These are some tips on how to save your tree during a drought.

Create a Tree Watering Plan

Check your areas restrictions on water use. Some areas provide recycled water for landscape purposes, and others do not restrict water for maintaining a healthy tree. You need to know which rules you are working under before making a plan for watering. Knowing the age of your tree is helpful in establishing a watering routine as the younger ones are going to need more attention. Create a plan for watering based on the different types you have in your care.

How Often to Water Your Tree

A younger tree is still trying to establish and will require more water than mature ones. During drought conditions, these younger saplings will need to receive deep watering with approximately 10-15 gallons of water each week. They need to receive this weekly supply during their growing months from April through October.

Mature or older ones can withstand droughts much better than the younger ones. Your older trees will be able to survive with deep watering once a month. When you use a soaker hose, water can reach down eight to twelve inches, so the roots receive an adequate amount.

How to Know When a Tree Needs Water

If the leaves begin to brown, it is a good indication they are not getting adequate water. Contact a professional landscaper if you are unsure if the watering plan you’ve established is keeping your them healthy. Landscapers can check the roots to ensure they are receiving the right amount of water.

Trees will provide benefits to you and the environment for many years; you do not want to risk losing them.

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